Welcome to ObdTuner

Here you can find information regarding the ObdTuner tuning software developed for the Z22SE engine. The Z22SE engine is also known as the L61 engine and is used in a number of GM cars like the VX220 (Opel Speedster), Astra, Zafira and other types of the GM family. If you own a car using this engine and you want more power or better throttle response etc.. have a look at ObdTuner.

Did you install some performance improving parts onto your Z22SE (L61) engine but got the feeling the engine not really liked them? Chances are the ECU needs to be recalibrated. With ObdTuner you have the tool to recalibrate your ECU and get this factory installed feeling again. Only with a good calibrated ECU you will get the maximum gain from your engine modifications.

ObdTuner will turn the Z22SE (L61) Engine Control Unit into a programmable ECU.


ObdTuner uses the original hardware the car came with. So you do get the benefits of a programmable ECU without sacrificing the reliability of the original factory hardware. It is possible to start with a completely original engine set-up and then gradually add modifications to the engine set-up without extra software costs.

Because the Z22SE (L61) engine is very robust it can be turned into a much sportier and powerful engine. Especially the M62 supercharger upgrade is a very popular conversion and together with ObdTuner it will run as factory installed.

Together with the update to ObdTuner a working base calibration will be installed so the ECU will be plug and play. It depends on the modification but in a lot of situations the base calibration will be good and it is not necessary to change it. Lots of people are perfectly happy without ever changing the calibration themselves.

At the moment there are 2 versions available, namely ObdTuner and ObdTunerPro where the Pro version has some extra features making it more suitable for highly tuned engines. With both versions you can start out with a completely original engine set-up.

For a more detailed feature list and the differences between ObdTuner and ObdTunerPro you can have a look at the Overview page.